What is Cities of Service?

Cities of Service is a national nonprofit that supports mayors to design and implement high-impact service strategies that can be replicated in cities worldwide. Cities of Service provides technical assistance, programmatic support, planning resources, and funding opportunities. Founded by Michael R. Bloomberg,Cities of Service supports a coalition of approximately 200 cities whose mayors are committed to engaging citizen volunteers to solve local pressing challenges, from increasing high school graduation rates to improving energy efficiency in buildings. Cities of Service helps coalition cities share solutions, best practices, and lessons learned, as well as spread awareness about their great work. Join us at citiesofservice.org or on Twitter @citiesofservice.

By accelerating the service movement at the most local level—connecting local needs to the supply of willing volunteers in innovative and impactful new ways—Cities of Service aspires to create a new chapter in America’s longstanding history of service while making local government more effective.

Like the founding mayors, each coalition member has made a commitment to work with other mayors around the country and advance service strategies in their own city by crafting a high-impact service plan.

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The City of Kettering’s Cities of Service Initiative is a joint effort of city departments coordinated by the Volunteer Office and our Planning & Development dept.  Each year the city will choose a neighborhood in Kettering that will benefit from this initiative.  We hope to encourage community pride in one neighborhood each year by assisting residents in improving their neighborhood through general clean up, home repair, landscaping, energy conservation, weatherization, education and participation.  The city will assist in organizing and encouraging community groups to create a community spirit that will lead to an engaged community.  By using community resources, providing grants and coordinating city services, we can achieve measurable impact and strengthen our community at little cost.

The City of Kettering encourages other cities to join in this national coalition to pair the power of volunteer service with your city’s most pressing needs.

To learn more, or to see if your city is a City of Service, go to:


For further information about the City of Kettering’s Initiative, contact the Volunteer Office at 937-296-2433.

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